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What Is Your Solar Home Worth?

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Just because someone has a real estate license does not mean that they have the ability to successfully sell a solar home. Rely upon the Green Leaf Realty’s knowledge and experience in selling solar homes to help you sell your Phoenix area solar home.

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Pricing Solar Homes To Sell

Pricing your home for sale when you have either a leased solar or solar owned system on your home can be challenging. Let us help you effectively price your solar home to sell for the maximum possible price in the Phoenix area.

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Financing For Solar Homes

Most buyer financing of a home with solar is fairly straightforward, however there are several mortgage guidelines for solar homes in Phoenix that you should know. We can show you how to finance your solar sale.

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Solar Disclosures

The standard Arizona real estate disclosure does little to protect the seller and advise the buyer of a solar system on the home. We know the steps on how to provide your buyer with the necessary solar disclosures.

SOLD! Another Successful Solar Lease Transfer

When I initially decided to sell my home I realized that I knew very little about how to market my home due to the fact that I have a solar system lease. At that time, I contacted Greg Field and he assisted me immediately in generating an action plan that would meet my needs. Greg was incredibly knowledgeable and made the marketing of my home a simple process.  His knowledge about the solar industry was key in ensuring that my home was sold quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend his services to anyone trying to sell their home.

— Bryan Henderson, Buckeye AZ


Greg Field has over 10 years of experience in the solar and green energy industries.
He has helped over 1,000 homes with energy efficiency.



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Phoenix Solar Home Specialist

Greg Field has been selling solar systems for almost 9 years now in Arizona. He brings a unique experience to being a Solar Realtor®. He’s also an expert at energy efficiency, attic retrofits, solar hot water, and making sure you get the best value for reselling your solar or energy efficient home. For information about APS Rebates, SRP Rebates, or energy audits you can visit our sister company.

  • The ONLY licensed Realtor® in the valley that has practical, real world experience in the solar industry
  • He has helped over 1,000 homes in Arizona become green
  • He understands solar benefits and knows how to effectively market a home with solar
  • He can illustrate the cost savings of the home against the existing inventory of homes for sale
  • He can show potential buyers the short-term and long-term return from solar systems

How To Sell Your Solar Home in Phoenix

Solar systems, whether leased or owned, provide the homeowner with a lower cost of ownership according to the 2014 EPA Study on the impact of solar in residential housing. This can be an effective way to distinguish your home from the other properties for sale in your neighborhood. The right marketing and promotion of a home for sale with a solar lease, can allow you to sell your home quicker, with little to no hassle, and potentially sell for more than typical homes without solar in the area. Here are some helpful tips on selling your solar home:

  • Show the savings
  • Focus on the local market
  • It’s not all about the green – many variables play an important role in home selection
  • Work with a Phoenix Solar Expert

Solar Homes Sales in Phoenix

A solar electric system has a unique, measurable benefit: electricity that powers the home. A solar electric system can significantly reduce the cost of ownership and these saved costs should be valued with the home. In addition, rising utility rates mean that savings, or avoided costs, will increase in the future. Recent studies show that an owned solar system increases the property value by a substantial amount. We can help you with the following important factors:

  • Pricing the home appropriately
  • Marketing the home to potential buyers
  • Providing proper solar disclosures
  • Handling solar inspections
  • Financing for solar homes
  • Transferring the solar lease

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